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2272 6 14 days net - paid immediately, even before the 14 days set as Payment terms by myself were over. Payment received: on time (2000 Euros ). (Will work for again: Definitely.) Interesting projects, Silvia is very very helpful and nice, Payment very quick. Altogether recommendable. 7/28/2005
2271 8 30 days eom - NO, up to two months late Payment received: NO, always on their terms or later (300 Euros). (Will work for again: Maybe ) Traducteo's PMs are very nice and competent, but the accounting department is just not up for it. First time I worked for Traducteo, I had to remind them of the due Payment and they sent me two cheques which were written out to the wrong name. I had to send them back and waited in vain for new cheques. After another reminder, they transferred the money to my bank account, one of the Payments now two months overdue. The next two Payments were on time but right now, I am again waiting on a Payment that was due at the end of December. They offered me another job a week ago, I turned it down and reminded them of the Payment being overdue. The PM was very apologetic and promised to inform the manager so it would get sorted quickly. So far, nothing has happened. I like the jobs and the collaboration with the PMs is good, but under these circumstances, I am considering to stop the collaboration with them as I am not interested in having to remind them of Payments all of the time. 11/4/2007
2270 10 60 days - YES Payment received: YES (several hundreds of euros ). (Will work for again: yes ) I worked for Traducteo for a specific project, and after that (the final client probably found another agency) I hardly worked for them anymore. (perhaps this information is too old?) 6/19/2009
2269 10 60 days - YES, sometimes early Payment received: Yes, always (1500 euros). (Will work for again: yes) 6/26/2009
2268 10 30 d eom - YES Payment received: No, 2 months later (). (Will work for again: if they turn to me again, why not.) 10/6/2005
2267 10 30 days eom - YES Payment received: on time (several hundreds euros). (Will work for again: yes) the project I worked on for them (with some other collegues) has stopped, unfortunately. since that time, we hardly get any work from them. 2/7/2008

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