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2263 0 upon completion of the project - NEVER Payment received: YES, always within 14 days (aprox. US$ 6,700.00). (Will work for again: Of course, NOT!) George gave me a few small projects at first and paid for them punctually. Now, I know that the purpose was gaining my confidence. Once he had it, he referred to a big project that was contracted at a very low rate and that would only be paid upon completion. Thus, I worked for five months and never got paid. Now, I am in Spain but, at that time, I was in Argentina and this meant a tremendous chaos for me and my family. Be careful with Vox Populi!!!! 5/28/2012
2262 0 Payment by PayPal before end of following month - Came as a check by mail and cleared my bank at the end of October Payment received: Yes (EUR 590.00). (Will work for again: I'd be glad to ) I don't remember anymore why the Payment came by check, and showed up later than the promised Paypal Payment, but I do remember that she got in touch with me about the delay. I can't find any record of correspondence about the delay, but I do have a memory of something being communicated to me. However, my bank doesn't charge me any fees for foreign items, so I get to keep more of my money that way than with Paypal, where I have to pay a percentage. I get very nice Christmas cards from Sophie Smith, as well as updates on any changes in her contact details. She contacted me a few weeks ago about new job, but, unfortunately, I was already busy on a different one. 2/14/2012

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