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2256 10 net30 then net60 - Warning! See comments. Payment received: YES (thousands of ^). (Will work for again: I really don't know) [Mod. note: Unable to rate due to lack of info on how late Payments received] This is the exact address of Guia Traducoes e Representacoes. If you have mistaken this with Tradoc International from Belgium, a 5/5 with two entries in ProZ, OK. Otherwise, I'm alarmed. First with Stiina then with Cameron, my interface with Guia was always friendly and fruitful. Loads of work in my language pair, but they seem disorganized in money matters. Late Payments increased a lot along the last year even though I switched to 60-day in a move so they timely settle my invoices again. They didn't, explanations are scarce and only after prodding, ^ 900+ were due yesterday but their last mail said I don't know when you will get paid. It is a pity that an affectionate (for me) business relationship must end like this and I truly wish it wouldn't, but if they are changing their business name, in total darkness as far as I am concerned, this is a clear message in itself. 10/11/2011

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