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2255 10 theirs were 60 days. They were not flexible on this - At first, they were sort of around 60 days, but then they started taking longer and longer, up to 120 days. Payment received: 47 days past due date (received April 1, 2005) (thousands of euros). (Will work for again: I stopped working for them (after working for them almost daily for 2 years) because they refused to pay me in a more timely manner. They complained of check/transfer fees, but always called me on the phone (Portugal to Brazil) to see if I was free, when I always answer my email within 30-60 mins. ) The work was enjoyable, and the PMs were fine to work with until I started to complain about Payment delays. If they agreed to pay me using Paypal or moneybookers, I would work with them again. I did not feel at the time they were dishonest, just trying to see how much delay they could get away with. I suspect they were not accustomed to working with translators outside Portugal at that time. 4/25/2012
2254 10 mine 30 days, theirs 60 days - late by may standards, early by theirs Payment received: Yes (invoices sent for all work done in a given month, ranging from 50 EUR to 600 EUR). (Will work for again: yes) [Mod. note: Rating based on agency's terms, as translator appears to have accepted them.] Of course I try to get them closer to the 30 days than the 60. I send a reminder around week 5 and the money comes in a few days later. If I didn't do this, it would be paid after 60 days. 8/18/2010

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