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2699 90 5 4 They sent the bank cheque after 90 days instead of 45 because they claimed I did not send the invoice. That was a lie because I still had it in my Sent items list. They managed to send the checque only after many emails. And the sum was funny (15 GBP). Would never work for them again. 5/10/2012
2251 0 30 days - YES Payment received: YES (EUR 8xx). (Will work for again: Sure ) M. Michelin is nice to deal with, the job was interesting 9/23/2006
2250 0 30 days after delivery of service - NO. Still not received in full as yet. Payment received: YES (US$ 1,270.00). (Will work for again: NO!) When I was first approached by Touareg I posted an inquiry about it on this list and nobody answered it! That should have rung an alarm for me, but I decided to do the work because the owner, Edith Trenou, assured me that she is also a translator and member of the ATA and not going anywhere. Edith was always very professional and polite in my numerous exchanges with her about Payment, and paid part of the bill ($889.54) in April (4 months late!). The balance of $381.23 (+ fees for bounced checks and late fees) is still outstanding after almost 6 months! My question is: if we can't trust our own who can we trust? 1/29/2007
2249 9 30 days after delivery of service - NO. Still not received as yet. Payment received: YES, always like clockwork (US$ 1,200.00). (Will work for again: NO!) Two other translators participated in the same project, and have also not received - we've been exchanging e-mails and trying common approaches to the problem. 1/28/2007
2248 0 on receipt - Not received yet!!!! Payment received: Always on time (about $2000). (Will work for again: NO! Absolutely not.) This is the first time in my career that I am having problems being paid. From now on I will defintely check this group to find out about new clients. 2/2/2012
2247 0 30 days from date of invoice (agreed and accepted in writing by the agency) - YES Payment received: YES (GBP 530.00). (Will work for again: Still do) Reliable but not very fast payers. Payment is made usually in the month after the job is delivered, so in the worst scenario it can take up to 7 or 8 weeks, which doesn't bother me. So if you can be a little patient, go for it. 4/23/2008
2246 2 approx. 50 days end of month - Yes Payment received: yes (about EURO 5,000). (Will work for again: Yes) 12/3/2009
2245 10 Net 30 Days - Always on time. Payment received: Yes (Several thousand.). (Will work for again: Absolutely!) 5/20/2011
2244 10 30 days end of month - Yes Payment received: YES (50$). (Will work for again: yes!) 6/24/2007

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