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2228 0 45 days - Yes. Payment received: YES (+/- 400 GBP). (Will work for again: Yes) 1/23/2009
2227 10 30 days end of month - on time Payment received: YES (a few L100). (Will work for again: yes) nice people to work with 5/5/2007
2226 10 EOM + 35 days - NO Payment received: YES - but 2 times late because invoices were lost due to system change/new office etc. (About GBP 250). (Will work for again: NO) There are 4 invoices pending for a grand total of GBP 253.68. The dates these pending invoices were issued are the following: TOL-001/05 - Jan 10th, 2005 TOL-002/05 - Mar 7th, 2005 TOL-003/05 - Apr 30, 2005 TOL-004/05 - Jun 6th, 2005 They issued one partial Payment for GBP 177, which turned into my account as EUROS (!). They made another Payment weeks later that will never arrive, since they screwed up my account number. Basically I'd only worked for them if they actually payed before hand, with the money already received and tucked in my account. Otherwise, forget it! 4/1/2010

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