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2661 0 9 10 9 i get along great with the two ladies who give me work but the director seems to be a real idiot. On their contract it is marked you are paid after 90 days (already outrageous in itself) but since i have begun working with them in Febrauary I have only been paid ONCE! I have not wanted to bother the nice ladies up until now but just did and they informed me I was far from being the only unhappy employee about not being paid and that I should send him a registered letter. He wrote me back with a curt email saying paiements en cours. merci de patienter I think I am going to stop working with them which is a shame as the women are lovely but I really hate being jerked around. I work with around 12 other agencies who ALL pay me on time. 6/6/2010
232 0 net 30 - Yes. Payment received: 3 weeks late (Around $800 total). (Will work for again: Yes!) I'm actually delivering two docs to Karin this morning. She is an absolute sweetheart (and I don't usually refer to PMs in that way). Go for it! 5/1/2011

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