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2225 10 EOM + 35 days - NO Payment received: yes (About GBP 250). (Will work for again: NO) UPDATE: They finally paid a couple of days ago, just some 10/8/7/5 months late. 4/2/2010
2224 8 According to them, one month plus 25 days after the invoice is received. - No. Weeks and months at a time. Payment received: always, sometimes early ($2,000). (Will work for again: NEVER!!!) They are really The client from hell. All sorts of stupid, senseless runarounds. I finally just demanded Payments and delivered a couple of small jobs in progress and decided not to bother invoicing. The last thing they came up with was that when invoices were for very few amounts, they would pretty much hold them until they added up or so, and then pay them (again, starting from scratch with their month plus 25 day terms). I have never gotten rid of a client, but these people really almost gave me an ulcer and an aneurism!!! 11/15/2009

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