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2223 10 30 days - YES Payment received: Yes (thousands over the years ). (Will work for again: Yes, I still do regularly. ) Ralf Weber is a pleasure to work with, very organized and simply a really nice guy. 10/16/2006
2222 10 Not fixed at all. - NO, the usual delay was 6 months in the 80's and was 7 months in 2004 (only one job in 2004). Payment received: ALWAYS (Many 1000's euros. ). (Will work for again: No.) The company, now seems to be managed entirely by the owner, a very old lady, who always says that as no cash to pay. Be aware that during the 80's many Spain companies used the same trick to pay as latest as they could. Now is not usual at all. The last job I did for this company, in May 2004 (600 euro), got paid in January 2005 after a lot of telephone call to tell this all lady that was totally silly to left an invoice outstanding for six month. 11/17/2011

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