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2220 10 30 days - No, received 6 days late, on 8/25/04 (with warning, so I knew it was going to be late) Payment received: There were minor problems at the beginning but now they have a finance department ($83). (Will work for again: Yes, definitely) Silvia was easy to work for. Note: the address I have for Thomson-Prometric is 350 South 400 West, Suite 200, Lindon, UT 84508. 2/26/2006
2219 0 30 days - always Payment received: Yes (several thousand euros ). (Will work for again: I do so regularly) very professional and reliable, a pleasure to work with 12/9/2005
2218 6 30 days - 1 Payment received and another not yet received Payment received: Yes (L135 (in 2002), L50 (Nov. 2005, not paid) and Dec. 2005 (paid)). (Will work for again: Not unless they get their act together a bit better. ) The Big Word was formed in about 1999 of several agencies which they bought up. They then proposed fees which were not acceptable, being about a half of what I usually charge. Since then I have only done occasional jobs for them from the rarer European languages. Last November I did two jobs for them, one has been paid in time, the other not, in spite of reminders. They have imposed lately a method of invoicing which consists in sending the invoice to the employee in the agency who contacted the translator for the job. This accounts for the irregularity no doubt. 10/16/2005
2217 10 usually less than 30 days - YES Payment received: See note (several thousands of pounds). (Will work for again: I work for them regularly!) Very professional agency. Nice people to deal with. 6/18/2012

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