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2216 0 30 days - Yes Payment received: Always on time (Several hundred pounds sterling). (Will work for again: If they agree a sensible rate) I have never had any problems with Payment, but this agency always tries to impose low rates (in my case at least 20% lower than usual) on its translators. If you hold out for a decent rate, they will pay, if they want the transllation done. 6/10/2006
2215 0 30 days eom - on time Payment received: No, due 19-Jan (GBP 100s ). (Will work for again: Yes) 11/23/2007
2214 5 about three weeks after end of the month. - Not always. Needs reminders, but always pay eventually (sometimes with a one month delay because they pay once a month, around the 20th) Payment received: YES. Always on time. (several hundred dollars per month.). (Will work for again: Yes, currently working on a project.) They changed their bank Payment system this year and this created more problems than it solved. Fortunately, they should get through with it shortly. 11/14/2009
2213 6 not specified - Yes Payment received: No, the first couple of invoices were paid almost one month late, but I was very busy and let is slide. (L250). (Will work for again: Of course) Very fast payers 12/11/2011

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