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2206 10 30 days net - NO, by refusal to pay Payment received: YES (^ 199 ). (Will work for again: NO ) This job falls within those jobs that are posted/offered with urgencies (which I do not accept anymore). Ms. Katharine Marr contacted me for the first time for an urgent job of transllation of interviews to be done over the week end and delivered by that Monday. I sent it on Sunday (in advance) along with the invoice. Did not hear anything for a week, I was contacted with an email stating that the work was not up to standard and after I asked for documentation and/or clarifications, did not hear from them again. I waited for the invoice to be past due and contacted them again. Again was told that they would not pay for the job. I turned to a collection agency, which took the case, but because of the small amount, they withdrew from handling it. So to date I have not yet received, in order: any documentation regarding the job and the so called not up to standards, any document stating the changes and/or corrections made to such job or any type of Payment, etc. etc. I still have al 6/10/2008
2205 10 30 days end of month invoice - Never got paid Payment received: Yes. (190 euro). (Will work for again: [No] ) I did this urgent job in a week end. It took me 4 emails to get the PO. I sent the job and never heard from the lady, when I enquired one week later, she replied with some trumped-up objections to my work. I replied asking for documentation but was told flat out that she would not pay. The objections she had about the job were never documented and never heard from the lady again. I waited 3 months and then got a collection agency but the amount was too low for them to handle. To date I never got paid!! And still have all the documentation. Never had this bad experience with a transllation agency before or after. I tried to solicit the documentation on the contested job, but never got it. She just wrote some sentences on an email as to the reasons for the objections and that was all, in spite of my asking for the list of objections to the job. 8/24/2007
2204 10 30 days, which they unilaterally extended [I can't now remember the precise details] and to which I was fool enough to agree. - on my terms, more than one month and more than 2 months respectively Payment received: Yes. Sometimes Miguel Mengual forgets, but you only have to remind him and he pays at once. (L50). (Will work for again: Doubtful) [Mod. note: Rating based on Payment terms originally agreed to of 30 days and having to resort to collection proceedings.] I eventually gave them formal 7 day's notice to pay before I took them to court under the UK small claims procedure: they expressed negative feelings that I have seen fit to do so saying that they were always there to talk to. 8/26/2008

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