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231 4 Not agreed on with the order and no PO either - just an e-mail. - It could have been a bit quicker and required reminders. Payment received: At first, they were sort of around 60 days, but then they started taking longer and longer, up to 120 days. (80 euros). (Will work for again: Probably providing they send a PO with a clear Payment date of maximum 30 days and preferably a down Payment too.) [Mod. note: Insufficient data to assign a rating] Since their client was Thierry Mugler they could have made a better effort especially with rates. 11/8/2011
230 4 30 days - NEVER Payment received: late by may standards, early by theirs (100 EUROS). (Will work for again: DEFINITELY NOT) I did a perfectly good transllation which their client rejected making all kinds of changes, none of which was relevant and some of which were wrong. They could not show a single mistransllation or spelling mistake. The agency then sent it to someone else for checking, someone who is not a member of the recognized bodies, who made yet MORE changes, all of which were unnecessary, and which were completely different to the client's changes. This should have told the agency something. It is not the translator's fault if the client is either unreasonable or deliberately tries to find fault where none exists. They did not pay me and I have no intention of working for them again, since this is complete disloyalty to the translator. 1/10/2006
229 6 30 days - Always on time. Payment received: 10 days late (several hundred pounds ). (Will work for again: Yes.) 12/2/2005
228 8 30 days - Always on time (often within 1-2 weeks of sending invoice) Payment received: 10 days late (several thousand Euros ). (Will work for again: Yes and still do) 11/22/2005
227 10 30 days after invoice date - YES, always Payment received: YES (around 1000 Euro). (Will work for again: YES) Anne, is very nice to work with. She is always willing to help and and very professional. 2/23/2007

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