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2200 10 Net 30 days - Thirty days late Payment received: YES ($1,400). (Will work for again: Not sure) The agency has a 60-day Payment policy, they did not, however, mention this until I queried non-Payment of my invoice after 30 days. Since I objected to the policy, they entered me into their database with 30 day terms after this, but the VP Finance suggested that my terms would be a deterrent for their PM's. Given that this is a US agency and US terms tend to be 30 days (at least that's what my gas, phone and electricity people think!) I don't really find their terms tenable. I've been contacted by them once or twice since, but have been too busy to work for them. On the plus side, their project managers are extremely pleasant, articulate, understanding and polite, as is all their staff with whom I've been in touch. 6/21/2011

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