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2179 0 30 days eom - Variable, last one in 2004 only after 5-6 weeks of chasing. Payment received: YES (GBP 100s ). (Will work for again: Probably not) Had to contact the British industry body, ATC, before being paid. 1/4/2008
2178 10 30 days - No. It varied but usually past 15 days up to 60 days. Payment received: YES (Many different projects. Total amount is roughly 3000 Euros. ). (Will work for again: Perhaps, it all depends (on assignment). ) We have worked with both Simon and Sally for quite some time on many transllations. They have always paid, but almost always after several reminders from me. Many times Payment date was the exact same date they would send a new project. If we work again for them, we might ask for a percentage of Payment prior to start date. 3/11/2006

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