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2175 6 30 days - [see comments] Payment received: YES ($372). (Will work for again: Probably not.) [Mod. note: Rating based on a check being issued the day after freelancer enquired about the late Payment (2 weeks past due plus postal delivery time.) The Payment was [two weeks] late [when] I had to follow up. They wanted to pay by paypal, so I signed up for paypal. Then I realized that they were paying paypal by credit card, so I would have had to sign up for the paying service, which I had no intention of doing. At this stage I sent the money back via paypal and they issued a check. In the end Payment was a month or so late. The contacts I had were quite pleasant, but in fact they considerably underestimated the wordcount of the PDF document (I had unusually accepted a source rate) and when I pointed out the very large disparity in actual wordcount, they indicated that they could (would) not go back to their client. They said they would look into it, but I never heard more on this point. It simply wasn't worth making an issue of, but I doubt that I would take on work 10/12/2005

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