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2172 10 60 days - about a week late Payment received: YES (380 euros). (Will work for again: not sure) they deducted their own bank charges before making the transfer hence I didn't receive the full amount of my invoice. None of my other foreign customers do this, so I shall not be that keen on working for them again... 4/24/2009
2171 10 30 days - YES, most of the time even within in couple of days Payment received: Still not received in December! (I do not remember ). (Will work for again: With pleasure) Very nice person to work with, very quick Payments. 12/3/2006
2170 10 Yes - Yes Payment received: Still not received in December! (From a few Euro up to thousand Euro). (Will work for again: yes no problem.) Friendly up front people. 8/4/2012

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