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2151 10 30 - Yes Payment received: Only the first one! The others (around 10) with 1-2 or even 3 months of delay!! (a few hundred GB pounds ). (Will work for again: certainly yes) The staff is very friendly and understanding. Payment was also made earlier than due. 9/20/2005
2150 10 30 days - It used to be, now awaiting Payment dating back 4 months Payment received: yes always (a few hundred pounds). (Will work for again: only with Payment up front) This agency used to pay promptly but over the last year Payment usually arrives the day they want another job done. They have begun to find excuses for delay, such as the job number is incomplete, when it is the one they supplied, and when asked if they had received a particular statement, they said that statements always go straight in the bin. One job has caused particular problems. I was e-mailed that it was very urgent. I phoned twice to get a job number and was told the person concerned would get back to me. He didn't and as the deadline grew closer I got on with the job, less than 1000 words. When I last phoned in an attempt to get a number I was told it was now being dealt with by someone else at the agency and he would get back to me. He didn't. I sent this urgent job off. A couple of weeks later I was told there was a problem as they hadn't told me to go ahead with the job, though the deadline was clear, and they couldn't therefore pay me the full am 1/2/2006

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