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2799 0 not rating 0 0 Tek owes us 2000 EUR since 2008. First they didn't respond at all, then suggested to pay only 50% which we denied. Since then, nothing heard of them. Considering using European Small Claims procedure against them. Also would suggest for all suppliers to use all means of informing the translation industry about this company who is clearly still successfuly operating. 4/3/2012
2781 0 not rating not rating 0 They owe us approximately 17,000 euros since 2008 and they don't reply to our e-mails. We are thinking of bringing them to trial. 5/6/2012
2780 0 5 3 0 They are suffering cash problems for more than a year and still owe me the amount of several invoices from June 2009 to January 2010. I am thinking about bringing them to trial. 4/30/2012
2779 0 4 not rating 0 The agency just doesn't pay my overdue invoices from 2008 and 2009, and now doesn't even bother to respond. 4/8/2012
2778 0 not rating 0 0 I worked for the company several times. I did some projects in 2007 and 2008 and never encountered problems. I worked in 2009 from March until July and they didn't pay any of my invoices. This is a total of 1300 EUR and I also invested in registered letters and even a lawyer, but the last one says it isn't affordable to go to a Spanish court. I made a lot of phone calls, but the responables are always in a meeting... This is almost 1 year... 6/23/2010
2737 30 not rating not rating 0 2 years of nice cooperation previousely and overdue invoices on amount of more then 1000 euros. No payment, no replys on emails and calls, no excuses and explanations. Really sorry but never more! 8/19/2005
2698 0 We are waiting for payment for various jobs, the last of which we did in July. Total amount payable: just over EUR 3300. 7/12/2012
2697 0 8 3 1 TEk Translation International owes our company about 20,000 Euro for about half a year. They do not reply our e-mails and the Vendor manager gives no information when the invoices will paid. Refrain from working with them. 4/4/2012
2696 5 5 5 8/20/2012
2148 8 30 days end of month - On time Payment received: YES (L1800). (Will work for again: Yes) 5/8/2007
2147 10 30 - YES Payment received: No, sometimes it takes up to two months. (total of a few thousand). (Will work for again: I do) Professionals 9/19/2005
2146 10 It seems, net 30, but I am not sure now - on time Payment received: On time, or if ever late, then only marginally. (several 100USD). (Will work for again: yes, still working) Vladimir is friendly and prepared to help you, nice to work with him. In case of small transllations you must be prepared to deliver the transllation the same day at 11.55PM our time. Unlimited access to Internet is suitable. 7/30/2010
2145 10 Not specified but usually in France not more than 60 days - NO Payment received: YES (1000???? ). (Will work for again: maybe) I don't think they are bad payers on purpose. It's rather that they are not very efficient or too bureaucratique to pay someone who lives in France (may be different for other countries - less legal obligations). I had to send several e-mails recalling my existence, some of them remained unanswered. Finally 5 or 6 month later I was paid but had to chase it, not because of wrongdoing but rather because of non-rfficience. Otherwise it is a big subtitling company, not a small unknown one-day rip-all entreprise so you'll be safe on this side. 12/25/2011
2144 10 30-60 days - yes Payment received: No. Often up to 30 days late. (no more than 50 euros each). (Will work for again: yes) 11/22/2008
2143 10 60 eom - 1 week late (see below) Payment received: Even a month before due time. (US $1,000 ). (Will work for again: Definitely ) Really great agency with interesting projects. Very courteous to work for, PM Corinne Glorieux was extremely helpful and thorough. Payment terms are on the long side, but when the wire transfer was delayed b/c of bank glitches they responded to my e-mail immediately and told me to contact them daily until I received the transfer. Highly recommended. 10/8/2009
2142 10 60 days EOM - ALWAYS on time! Payment received: NO. Payments stretched for more than a year and balance was left unpaid. (considerable!). (Will work for again: They turn up regularly with always interesting projects. I'm always happy to fit them into my busy schedule. ) All of the PMs are extremely helpful and friendly. They're always there to help. My impression is that they consider translators at least as valuable as their clients! 8/31/2009

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