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2139 10 30 days - Yes, maybe one or two days late but generally on time with no problem Payment received: No, I finally received it at the end of November (1000's). (Will work for again: Still do.) They are great to work with. Only had a problem once with them but they cleared it up in no time. They are great to work with and very professional. They want their interpreters, whether on-site or telephonic, to be happy. They treat people with respect and don't brush off their interpreters. Great company to work with. 12/2/2006
2138 10 30 days after month end in which invoice is received at TEK. - Yes, but...see comment. Payment received: Always within 30 days of my invoice (Thousands of euros.). (Will work for again: I still do.) Reliable as to Payment, a bit chaotic as to project management and paper work. Payment sometimes is delayed for ongoing projects due to missing TEK client approval, an excuse I dislike as I work with TEK and not for TEK's client. However, they always pay. 3/2/2007

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