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2132 10 30 days end of month - usually on time Payment received: NO, first Payment three days late, second Payment currently 11 days late (some 40.000 euro? perhaps more). (Will work for again: sometimes, see comments) Although I worked for them quite a lot for a number of years, every month one or several projects, they changed their policy about a year ago or so, and dropped their rates by some 40%, while they also expected me to do twice as much in an hour. Since I wasn't willing to work for these lower rates and cannot edit that many words in an hour (2000 to 2500, and they decided before a job how much time I was allowed to spend on editing, something which is not realistic, since it largely depends on the quality of the transllation) and still do a good job, for which they appreciated me, I refused further projects against these conditions. So they are reliable and helpful, nice to work with, and pay when they said they would. So if the conditions are okay with you, go for it. Make sure you know the total number of words (they also might leave out the full matches when quoting a project) and the total amount you will be paid, and do not hesitate to renegotiate. 5/17/2007

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