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224 10 upon receipt of invoice - No, bank transfer was paid on correct date but took 12 days to get to my bank. Payment received: On time or early (16 euros). (Will work for again: Not sure) A one page document was so highly technical it took 3 hours to do the job. Hardly worth 6 centimes per word. Over 30 e-mails went back and forth which was very time wasting for me. My invoice had to be done again to suit them (I'm VAT exempt and could not give a VAT number as they are used to getting). However they are very helpful, considerate and very honnest. I would work for them again if rates were better for very technical texts and if it did not take so long to get paid. Payment terms were not proposed so I stated Payment on reception of the invoice when I sent it. When I wasn't paid after a few weeks I contacted them and was told I was scheduled for Payment on 31 March. That meant 7 weeks after I sent the invoice and I was surprised this delay hadn't been mentioned by them previously. Around 5 April I contacted them as no pay had been transfered to my account. They wrote they were pretty sure Payment had been made. It arrived on 13 April. Perhaps banks in Romania are s 5/30/2012
223 10 30 days net - no, the first 4 invoices have been paid 3-4 month later, the last invoice (3rd june) has never been paid Payment received: NEVER (nearly 300 euros). (Will work for again: never) 6/15/2008
222 10 not specified - Very late Payment received: No, after more than a year and when I had completely given up hope, I got a check for an amount slightly different from the first two invoices issued (about USD 150) and I never got a check for the third invoice (USD 436,25). (50.00-500.00 ). (Will work for again: no ) [Mod. note: also known as Legal Language Services, All Language Services, and/or Corporate Language Services. Rating based on standard US terms of 30 days and an assumed average of +45 days late.] I worked for these people for several years. They are very mean. The project managers are not treated nicely by the company. The company is not translator friendly. A couple of times it took me three to four months to get paid. They NEVER answered questions about Payment. I was NEVER paid without repeated attempts to be rapid. Often,you cannot even get the accounting department on the phone. They are not non-payers. Just very LATE payers. 12/9/2011

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