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221 10 I did not issue my invoice, they had their own emails PDF to fill out and send back. - No, after 30 days I called, was told to send it again, must have gotten lost. Called back several times, was finally paid on 6/17 Payment received: No. I still haven't received the Payment. (over $500). (Will work for again: Probably. ) Dealing with Susan seemed fine and led to Payment, at first I was in contact with Latisha Gordon. The job seemed to be an emergency - deliver NOW type, over the weekend work, ordered Friday afternoon. The rate was reasonable for general text (as it stated it was), the text turned out to be an industrial manual. Not THAT technical, but definitely not general :). 5/23/2010
220 10 mine: 30 days from date of invoice, theirs: 60+ days from date of invoice - No, always late, usually by some 30 days, sometimes more Payment received: Yes (several thousand US$ ). (Will work for again: NO ) I worked for the CLS incarnation of ALS on several interpreting assignments. They did pay eventually, but Payment was always late, and always required more than one reminder. Their general working conditions were also difficult in that they were most reluctant in giving out information about the end client, the nature of the conference topic, etc. (my question as to the conference topic was generally answered with business). It was impossible to get them to provide advance papers in order to be able to prepare adequately for the conference. Plus, they nickeled and dimed us to death not only on the daily fees, but also on the expenses (i.e. hotel, meals, ground transportation, etc.). 8/29/2010

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