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2098 0 net 30 days - yes Payment received: YES - Usually two-four weeks early (tens of thousands of $ ). (Will work for again: working for them right now) Nothing but good to say about Taina. 7/8/2011
2097 0 30 - YES Payment received: YES (EUR 250). (Will work for again: YES) Linda is very helpful - I would love to work for her again. 9/25/2005
2096 0 30 days - Yes. Payment received: About 2 weeks late (US$ 240.00 ). (Will work for again: Yes.) Priya Varghese was my contact. She was very specific in her instructions and available for questions. Professional and courteous. 12/22/2006
2095 0 60 days - YES Payment received: sometimes a few days earlier sometimes a few days late (300 euros). (Will work for again: Certainly. I still am.) I haven't done lots of work for them but they seem to be entirely reliable. 6/13/2009
2094 0 I believe it's 45 days. - YES, 90% of the time. Payment received: Always on time (thousands). (Will work for again: Sure, any time.) Go for it. 5/11/2010
2093 0 30 days EOM - Usually on time but not always - see below Payment received: (GBP 200). (Will work for again: Probably) Still waiting for a small outstanding amount, it's 6 weeks late and they keep telling me it'll be OK, but they asked me to reinvoice which reluctantly I did ('We can't find your invoice'/'You never invoiced us' - has this become the industry-standard excuse?). Syntacta is part of Bath University - many British universities now have a transllation agancy. Inventing such clever-sounding but meaningless names is another modern disease, goodness knows how much they paid some management consultants to come up with it. 12/28/2007
2092 0 net 30 - YES Payment received: Yes (I can't remember exactly but at least L2000). (Will work for again: Yes) 3/22/2011
2091 0 30 days - YES, a bit earlier than 30 days Payment received: NO, 10-20 days late (about GBP 150.00). (Will work for again: SURE!) It is a pleasure working for them. Oliver is very helpful and professional. I have met a couple of them personally some years ago when I was studying at the University of Bath (UK) and they are all very nice. 11/9/2006
2090 0 end of month following invoice. - 47 days past due date (received April 1, 2005) Payment received: (US$30.00 ). (Will work for again: Am currently involved with project for Synonyme (see comments) ) Synonyme pays only by wire transfer--no Paypal, no checks--a real drawback. This became an issue when bank transfer fees exceeded Payment amount due! I insisted on USD Payment. After considerable and lengthy negotiations, Synonyme mailed me a USD check for full amount. I have since worked out bank situation to receive wire transfer with lower fees on my end and am trying them again. Will see how promptly they pay when using their stated preferred method. 3/8/2010
2089 2 30 days - yes Payment received: between 1 and 2 weeks late (several 100s). (Will work for again: yes) Sylvie was very pleasant to work with. I would work with her again without question. 6/15/2006
2088 2 - Payment received: No, still waiting for Payment. (). (Will work for again: ) [Mod. note: Hearsay info deleted. Posted merely to give the current name/address.] They are now known as: Siliamid Europa S.L. Plaza Diputacio, 2 Ap. Cor. 1 17001 Girona Spai 6/17/2005
2087 0 30 days end of month (ours) - Payment received: YES over 90 days late (). (Will work for again: ) [Mod. note: I'm passing this info on as an exception to the first-hand info policy. This company is apparently under reorganization (redressement judiciaire). See (in French) for more info. 8/13/2007
2086 0 Payment terms were (e.g. net 30, 30 days end of month): - At first yes, but see below Payment received: About 10 days late. (About 6000 euros outstanding ). (Will work for again: No ) I would advise anyone to steer well clear of this agency. They currently owe me some 6000 euros which has not been paid since the beginning of the year and is currently in the hands of solicitors in France. [deleted] Please contact me personally for further details but please do not work for them. 2/17/2012
2085 0 ? - still unpaid Payment received: Yes (over 900 euros). (Will work for again: NO ) This a very awkward situation! I have worked for Siliamid and Syacom bought that. Then I was supposed to send my unpaid Siliamd invoices to Syacom, and they would paid, I still have emails telling me to which address to send them. they promised to pay everything but never did. During all these inqueries, I was asked to do a transllation for the same client as always (Stryker) and I answered I wanted to be paid first. Later I phoned them and was told some vague story about bankrupcy, and extremely unclear situation! I get the impression that they just change names form time to time and 'forget their former creditors. I am really very surprised that they still exist and may make a new effort to get paid. I would never, ever work for them again. Besides, they (Siliamid and Syacom) always tried to get you do work at bottom prices, so they change translators very often and that is disastrous for big clients like Stryker. In other words, NEVER work for them I would say. 7/1/2005
2084 0 60 days - 2 partial installments received and the Payments stopped coming. Payment received: No, received in late November 2002 (10,000 USD). (Will work for again: NEVER AGAIN) 4/20/2009
2083 0 60 days - 2 installments received on time, then NOTHING Payment received: YES (6,000 USD ). (Will work for again: NO) DONT' COME CLOSE - THERE ARE PLENTY OF NEGATIVE RECORDS ON THIS AGENCY AKA SILIAMID. DO NOT WORK FOR THIS AGENCY This agency is also trying to contract through another name, Siliamid. DO NOT ACCEPT ANY JOB RELATED TO DENIS VANDERYDT 4/19/2009

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