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2081 5 net 60 days - Final Payment was never received Payment received: Always on time (over $6,000. US). (Will work for again: Never, never.) I will let you know if he ever pays me. There is another company name I think owned by Mr.Denis Vanderydt: Siliamid. 9/24/2011
2080 4 30 and 60 days net - Still unpaid Payment received: Always on time and no reminders necessary. ($10,000). (Will work for again: No) [Mod. note: No explanation provided as to how Payment terms could be 30 AND 60 days net. Potentially libelous comments concerning Mr. Vanderyd's current and future intentions have been deleted as no additional information to explain such statements was provided when requested.] I do not trust Denis Vanderyd. He has no qualms about breaching a contract and changes his story all the time. At the same time he knows the law and how to delay Payment. [Comment deleted] 10/2/2005
2079 4 60 days end of month. - On time at first, then nothing. See comments below. Payment received: NO (about 3,000 euros ). (Will work for again: NEVER. ) A slippery customer, especially their director, Denis Vanderydt. At first they flooded me with orders. Payment was late and enquiries were answered evasively, or not at all. Promised Payment dates were never honoured. By June, they stopped replying to emails and even registered letters, and the responsable was never disponible on the telephone. Eventually I brought in a debt collector, which led to a part Payment. I visited their offices, accompanied by a witness, on 4th October 2006, as I was passing through Angers on holiday, at it was weird. Only their comptable, Mr Pasquier, was there and the office (a smart one on a modern trading estate) was practically empty - no desks or chairs, no equipment and no employees. Our conversation was conducted standing up. Mr Pasquier apologised for the late Payment and said they were in financial difficulty. He said a bank transfer (for half the sum due to me) had just been sent. He also said that their PM, Sylvie Ma 8/24/2009
2078 0 Originally on delivery, then 60 days e.o.m. - Originally, yes. Last invoice paid after 5 months (3 months late) Payment received: No. Late by 6 months, 11 months and 6 months respectively. (Not sure of total amount. Last invoice for EUR 1184 + VAT. ). (Will work for again: No. ) Syacom were under redressement judiciaire (court supervision) when I first started working for them with the promise of immediate Payment on delivery. The first one or two invoices were paid as stated, then reminders became necessary. Each time, the manager Denis Vanderydt had an excuse (invoice mislaid, etc.). When they came out of redressement judiciaire in September 2005, Payment terms became 60 days end of month. The first invoice under these terms was paid on time. An invoice for EUR 52 issued in October 2005 was not quite due when I received a larger order from Syacom late December (invoiced for EUR 1184). Alarm bells started ringing when this small invoice was not paid until 22 February (over a month late) and I received an e-mail from a former Syacom employee in response to a query on another Payment practice list. When the January invoice became due at the end of March, I began sending regular reminders by e-mail, following them up with telephone calls which were never r 2/6/2012
2077 0 30 days end of month (ours) - Payment received: YES (). (Will work for again: ) [Mod note: not rated due to lack of info on Payment terms/delays in Payment] This agency used to be part of the Logos group until it split from them a couple of years ago. Payments then got somewhat erratic. They admitted they were having cash flow problems and promised to pay all translators by September last year. This didn't happen but I did finally receive all that was owing to me. There was also a problem with wrong bank details. Apparently they had paid another translator instead of me and so I don't think their adminstration is as good as it could be. They are also, apparently, owed some 70,000 euros by a client. They recently seem to be working under another name, Siliamid, and I received a cheque this week for work done in May. However, they seem to have overlooked a previous invoice, which they have promised to pay in the middle of August when they come back from their annual holidays. I am still working for them because I have always been paid and it does appear that the 8/12/2007

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