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2075 10 60 days - No, I was never paid so far. Payment received: over 70 days late (Over $6,000. USD). (Will work for again: Never) The Director offered me a 14 months installment Payment that I declined. Watch also for an agency called Siliamid in Spain. 5/10/2009
2074 0 net 30 - NO, two months [late] Payment received: yes, always on time ($10,000). (Will work for again: NEVER) Paid a few invoices on time in May and October 2003. Paid two other partial Payments this year, but has not paid an outstanding invoice for $10,000. 12/5/2010
2073 0 60 days - NO never paid Payment received: Yes ($1,500). (Will work for again: Never) [Mod. note: Potentially libelous comments deleted] [deleted] No self-respecting translator should work for Denis Vanderdyt. 5/5/2009
2072 2 30 days - YES Payment received: On time (500 Euros ). (Will work for again: I am delivering a transllation tomorrow. ) Christiane Weill and her husband are very nice and helpful. Nice agency. Pays on time and projects are interesting. 7/30/2006
2071 10 30 days eom - Virtually always late, 4 weeks to 2 months Payment received: YES (Many GBP 1000s ). (Will work for again: No, unless paid in full in advance) The info is a little old, but only because I have refused to work with them unless paid in full in advance. The excuses, for virtually every single Payment, ranged from 'The cheque is in the post' (hmmm...) to 'Our cashflow is down' to 'The boss is in China, recruiting students' (they also run a language school, or used to). I kept imposing stricter and stricter conditions and higher and higher penalties and surcharges, but still the problems continued despite my warnings. On the last occasion I demanded and received some Payment in advance, but the final Payment was still way too late, so the next time I turned them down. This will be confirmed by many many British translators. 1/6/2008

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