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219 8 Payment terms were (e.g. net 30, 30 days end of month):net 30 - No. Approx. 30 days and 10 days, for two jobs, respectively. Payment received: n/a ($400-$500 each time ). (Will work for again: Probably not. ) The letters 'ALS', the zip code, and the name Susan Burk are hits. I recall no company name or address was ever offered in the course of correspondence, I managed to find Accredited Language Service, with a POB address, on the Internet, the use of which on my invoice was never questioned. My PM was Theresa Kwok, who was always very pleasant and seemed anxious to treat me fairly. My reluctance to work for this agency again stems primarily from the low remuneration offered. 2/23/2012
218 8 Don't remember but it was respected - yes Payment received: yes, sometimes early (several hudreds dollars ). (Will work for again: yes) My contact was George Alves who seemed to me a rather nice guy. The deadlines are rather tough, I had the impression it was last minute demands even if the nature of text didn't suppose it. 2/14/2010

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