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2054 0 My terms were net 30, not sure what theirs were - NEVER. Invoices paid ranged from net +36 to net +72. They currently have 2 invoices overdue with me and three more not yet due. Payment received: Yes (About $1500). (Will work for again: I am currently taking no further assignments from them. ) STOPS has NEVER paid me on time. In December of 2005, they came out with this new Payment calendar, which stated if you invoiced them by X date, you'd be paid by Y date. When the first invoice I submitted to them under that system was late, I called up and found out that they had already scrapped that calendar -- in January. I now find myself with two overdue invoices and everyone is passing the buck on who to talk to, but as noted above, I've been ignored for the last two weeks regarding my queries on these invoices. No one returns my emails or voicemails. I was given the name of the CFO, Jerry Nagel, extension 1409, and left him a voicemail and an email with no answer so far. I just got a call this evening from them for an assignment tomorrow morning at 8:30am. Their schedulers are all very nice -- I don't blame them -- but I told her that I could no longer work for them until my invoices were taken care of. She was very apol 9/17/2010

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