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2053 10 I don't remember if they were ever explicitly stated before I started working for them. - NO. [See comments] Payment received: always on time, sometimes earlier (I did over $3k of business with them just in 2003. ). (Will work for again: NEVER. [edited]) For the first 5 months that I worked for them, they paid after 30 or 45 days. Then the delays began. 60 days plus. Then 90. Then 120. Then they stopped paying altogether. They stiffed me for $160.00, plus countless hours of my time trying to get them to pay me back. They strung me along for months and months, making up one excuse after another for why this Dec. of '03 invoice hadn't been paid before admitting that they had no intention of paying it. It was only after I told them that I wouldn't take any new assignments from them without advance Payment that they finally admitted this. My advice: work for them only if you get cash in advance. 6/5/2010
2052 10 30 days - At first it went over 60 days but now seems to have stabilized to 2 to 3-1/2 weeks Payment received: 2 partial installments received and the Payments stopped coming. (About $1000 still outstanding but within the normal cycle time.). (Will work for again: I am working for them now, they seem to be keeping up their Payment promises. ) Updated response: Still very late on paying their contract interpreters. Right now I have stuff that's over 60 days past and the response I got from the accounts payable person is that the CFO has the payroll but hasn't approved it yet. [Previous update on this company] On December 22, 2005 an email was received stating their new Payment policies, including a calendar of Payments where they stated that there would be 2 monthly Payments to the independent interpreters. For January 2006 they kept pretty much to the schedule but after February they have returned to their previous practice of random Payments. As of this date I have one outstanding invoice from Feb 2006 and nothing has been paid on the March invoices. I have corresponded with the accounts payable manager Nancy Melendez and she states that as soon as she's given a budget she will pay which leads me to understand that the company may not be that 12/12/2005

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