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2048 10 First defined as 30 days - See comments - NO. See comments. Payment received: Always on time, sometimes earlier. (US$ 1535.00 ). (Will work for again: Not unless they come up to date in what they owe and they pay in advance. ) After having to send registered letters to the accounts payable department and the coordinators advising them that further collection action was going to be initiated if Payment was not made within 10 days, I received a phone call from the interpreter payroll department person who stated that she was new at the job and that she had reviewed the account and that she was going to issue a partial Payment on 8/16/05. That Payment was received 8/25/05 but about 2/3 of the bill remains unpaid. A promise was made to send some more at the end of the month (august). At this time I have agreed to so some more jobs for them pending prompt Payments. Original response At first they stated that Payments would be 30 days. After the first 30 days (June 2005)had passed I received Payment for 2 jobs done in July 2005 (about 7 days after job!) then one more from July 2005, same time frame. Have only received US$300 out of US$153 4/14/2010

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