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2694 0 0 They owe me over 1700.00 USD for over 2 years with no intention to pay. Their current name is SRF Global. They have a web site appropriately named Owners are Reuben Friedman and Sloan Friedman. The Project Managers (one is named Kaiyu) are well aware of the non-payment by the company owners but go along with the fraud. I was in contact with a number of translators who were either partially paid or not paid at all. 5/5/2012
2047 0 Unspecified/don't recall, but in the begining Payment was usually received within 60 days. - In Spring 2004, Payment began to slow down significantly, 3.5 months after the job in one case. At present, the oldest unpaid invoice is 3 months old and counting. Payment received: YES, almost always (An average job was between $100 - $200 ). (Will work for again: IF they get their Payment situation under control and keep it under control, yes. ) [Mod. note: Standard US terms of net 30 assumed for rating purposes] Like another member mentioned in his review, this is an agency that otherwise has treated me great, but had a sudden and severe change in it's Payment practices earlier this year. They've called me for a few jobs in late September, but I had to tell them I couldn't accept any new jobs until I got some Payment towards the outstanding invoices. Copied below is the complete text of a letter I sent to them about a week ago, I'll let it speak for itself: CERTIFIED MAIL RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED September 25, 2004 Accounts Payable STOPS, Inc. 8855 Grissom Parkway Titusville FL 32780 Ladies and Gentlemen: Your Payments have slowed down significantly over the past several months, and efforts to contact anyone on your end regarding this matter via phone, e-mail or standard mail yield no response. At present, you owe me $493.90 for jobs dating as 5/25/2012
2046 0 net 30. - On time. Payment received: NO. Payment not received as yet. (EUR 100.00 ). (Will work for again: Yes.) Nice people, smooth working relationship. 8/25/2011
2045 0 days end of the month - sometimes 1 week late... last time more than one month late... Payment received: always about 30 days late (more than 2000 euros ). (Will work for again: Yes) Several excuses for being late, one of them: the account department responsible was in holidays (true). For the last delay, I was informed some days later, and I was told the due amount were to be sent by February. Not yet received. Nice cooperation with PMs, Claudia and Muntsa, though sometimes I had to proofread final DTP files of my transllations for free... 1/10/2010
2044 0 N/A - N/A Payment received: YES (N/A). (Will work for again: N/A) [Mod. note: Hearsay comments deleted. See for the original messages. Response approved as an exception] There have been messages posted on transllation_depot stating that these people are [deleted]. 9/21/2010
2043 2 net 30, sometimes before. - Always on time Payment received: Payment for the 3 invoices I issued was 30-45 days late each time (few L100s). (Will work for again: yes) Nick is a very nice, helpful person to deal with and there were never any problems with Payments 8/22/2011
2042 10 End of month - YES. Payment received: NO--one month late (L 27). (Will work for again: Of course, no problem.) Nick and Sabine are very friendly, professional, and nice to deal with. 2/27/2010

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