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2036 0 30 days - usually yes, until the last Payment for a job from 2004, which I still haven't received Payment received: No. Not received at all. (530.00 (the amount of the Payment I never fully received, the total amount of jobs I did for this agency is in the 2000 to 3000 dollars range) ). (Will work for again: Never ) This has got to be the strangest agency experiences I've ever had. I used to work quite a bit for this agency and never had a problem, until a job I did in August of 2003, for which they still haven't paid me in full. I called the owner, Sol Friedman, repeatedly to get paid, and they did send a check on half of the amount due in June 2004, but never the rest, even after calling Mr. Friedman several times (I have talked with him at least 6-8 times about this incident, and of course, I always was assured the check would be in the mail and I would receive it by the following week). I simply don't understand why they can't make a Payment of approx. 260 dollars, but certainly will never work with these guys again, although we had a good relationship until then and before this they always seemed to pay on time. After this experience, however, I certainly will never work with them again. As far as I know from my research, they are mostly a printing company and the transllation business 5/13/2006

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