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2834 75 not rating 5 2 The payment period is ridiculous 60 days and AlphaCRC never meets this target. A couple of translation projects went fine, but lately no payments were made at all. Will not work for them anymore. 2012-10-28
216 0 Payment was recieved immediately after job was completed. - YES Payment received: On time (40 Euros). (Will work for again: Yes) I've just worked this once for Lawrence but that was perfect: he sent me the job to look at it first before accepting, he was really nice to deal with and the Payment was on time. 2/27/2012
215 2 30 days EOM - a week late Payment received: On time (L25). (Will work for again: yes) 9/28/2007
214 2 30 days EOM - on time Payment received: Couple Payments were late, but they responded after a reminder (GBP 100s). (Will work for again: Yes) One large job, several small and infrequent jobs (one small job within the last year, IIRC), but certainly no problems of any kind. 11/19/2007
213 2 30 days after delivery - YES Payment received: yes (less than L100). (Will work for again: Yes, definitely) Jobs are only small, and infrequent, but Balram is lovely to work for and pays on the dot. 1/27/2007
212 4 NET 30 - YES Payment received: : NO, 18 days late (under EUR 1000). (Will work for again: YES) 1/30/2011
211 8 30 days - +/- 1 week Payment received: Yes. (a little over $3K CAD). (Will work for again: Yes.) They call concerning jobs, something I always like. 10/15/2005
210 0 30 days - Always at least 2 weeks late. Payment received: YES (a couple of thousand dollars). (Will work for again: No. (See below)) Lesly is extremely polite and cheap. I stopped working for Alpha, although they had plenty of work for me, because he wanted to pay me peanuts, i.e. five cents a word for a 10,000 word document, to be delivered in two days. 11/17/2005
209 2 I don't remember exactly, but I think it was immediately upon delivery of transllation. - A couple of weeks late. Payment received: Yes (About $3,000 all together.). (Will work for again: If I had no work, yes.) Lesly Bazelais is charming on the phone. He appreciates good work, but pays cheap. 6/3/2010

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