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2033 10 30 days at first, then changed to 60 days by Spectrum - See comments Payment received: Variable, last one in 2004 only after 5-6 weeks of chasing. (generally somewhere between a few hundred to a couple of thousand US$ per year). (Will work for again: Absolutely NOT) I had been working with Spectrum since the mid-90's until 2000 / 2001. Initially, Payment came promptly after 30 days. That changed sometime in the late 90's, when they unilaterally changed Payment terms to 60 days (I only found out when I called to inquire after a Payment). But they still paid reliably after 60 days, without needing to be reminded. I hadn't worked with them for a few years (somehow our schedules never meshed), but based on past experience, didn't hesitate to accept a small job (~$100) from them in September 2004. I was a bit taken aback when I noticed that their PO included a clause to the effect For Payment inquiries, please contact Mr. Friedman at [phone number]. The number given was different from Spectrum's number. By December, I still had not received Payment for my September invoice. So I started calling. Mr. Friedman told me he was so sorry I hadn't been paid and assured me that the check would be mailed by the end of next week. Which it wasn 3/15/2007

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