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2026 10 30 days end of month I think - still waiting Payment received: NO Payment was never received (approx. 650 euros (two invoices)). (Will work for again: probably not) I recently myself worked for them. It was sort of strange, though. They only provided me with an e-mail address. Nothing else. I tried to ask them to tell me about their agency and they just said they had been in business for ten years. I posted to various lists, but no one knew anything about them. So they gave me two large jobs right in a row, then I never heard from them again. So they owe me like 650 euros total. I wrote them several times to ask when I would be paid. They never wrote back. Those two things are the things that are really bothering me here: That they don't write back at all and that I really just have an e-mail address. It also seems to concern me that nobody in Portugal or even Lisbon itself seems to have heard of them, either. I Googled and found some more information. But that's about it. I guess my concern in this is that there are some agencies who just try to get you to do a couple of free jobs for them, then they disappear completely. Then contac 8/21/2007

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