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2023 0 30 days - YES Payment received: YES, 30 days (don't remember ). (Will work for again: Yes) Very reliable. 10/18/2006
2022 0 Net 30 - YES, always Payment received: YES (Varied, from $30.00 to +$3,000.00). (Will work for again: Definitely) Very professional and pleasant to work with. This agency really works WITH its translators/interpreters. I have also been to the company a few times, just to get acquainted and they are always friendly. 4/17/2011
2021 0 30 days end of mont - yes and no Payment received: yes (a few hundred pounds). (Will work for again: yes ) Not great at communicating about reasons for late Payment. Sometimes pays on time, once early and often late. My last invoice (Nov 06) is overdue and they haven't answered my e-mail reminding them of the fact. Since it's a minimum charge and they have always paid in the past, I'm not too worried but their accounting system seems chaotic and their manners leave a bit to be desired. And by the way, last time I heard they were in Windsor but it's definitely the same name. 3/28/2007

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