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2013 0 30 days date of invoice - N/A (see comments) Payment received: YES (N/A (see comments)). (Will work for again: N/A (see comments)) I have not worked for this agency, I received an offer from them, but I feel the information below is relevant to colleagues who may be contacted by Siliamid. I had to do a reverse search to make sure, but the telephone number is registered to Syacom not Siliamid, and the contact's name is down on the Syacom web site. I checked and Syacom are listed as being en redressement judiciaire (not liquidation, ie not bankrupt - yet - but in severe financial difficulty). I replied to the offer by saying I had noted that the company was actually Syacom and in view of their financial situation I was declining the offer. I received a long reply (in French) explaining the Siliamid/Syacom relationship and insisting there is no problem, which I am happy to forward to any colleagues who may find it helpful. 3/17/2007

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