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2005 10 30 days after invoice (they used to pay twice a month all invoices received until a certain day of the month before) - In the beginning YES, from about mid 2003 onwards I had to chase them quite frequently. Their usual excuse was, that things are difficult in Turkey. Payment for two jobs done in Feb. 2004 are still outstanding because see Comments. Payment received: YES - mostly by their time, but NO - I have had a few Payments delayed beyond 30 end of month - max was about three months. (EUR 3000). (Will work for again: If it turned out that they got back to their attitude shown in 2002/and the first half of 2003 YES, otherwise NO.) For the first assignments they even paid before the due date (bank transfer in Euros). In late 2003 they changed their policy and said they would only send cheques (cheques from Turkish banks always take very long to be cashed and the cost for such is enormous - often twice the amount one pays for cashing a US or British cheque in Euroland). Bank transfers were still possible, but the translator had to agree to take over ALL bank charges (which again are enormous / around EUR 30). In early 2004 I did some minor job for them and invoiced some 60 Euros. I told them that I cannot accept their new policy for such small amounts - they never bothered to contact me again or to pay what is due. 2/17/2007

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