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2004 10 45 days after invoice - Yes, on time, by bank transfer Payment received: Received about 5 days after net 60 ($129.30). (Will work for again: Sure) They made the Payment by bank transfer, so it take a few days to arrive to my account, but everything else ok 1/30/2009
2003 10 30 days - Never received Payment received: Yes (About USD 300). (Will work for again: No) In case you are contacted by the agency below, I would like you to be aware of the fact that SERVE-EM, now acquired by Airport Process, failed to pay a group of translators, yours truly among them, and that we initiated a legal action, but the person responsible for the agency, Mr. Gibson ,had started bankruptcy proceedings apparently while still sending POs and jobs to translators. Therefore, the action we initiated turned out to be much more costly and long than we had foreseen, and several of us decided not to continue because the amount we were owed was inferior to the prospect cost of the lawsuit. 1/14/2006
2002 10 45 days after invoice - Yes, always Payment received: It is now late (more than 6.000 ??). (Will work for again: I still do) rates not very high, but the volume of work is steady. Very nice to deal with 1/29/2009
2001 10 60 days end of month approx. - maybe a week late. Payment received: It is now late (ca. 1000 euro). (Will work for again: Yes. I'm still working for them) [Mod. note: Original query was on Seprotec, Madrid.] In fact, I have worked for Seprotec Barcelona. But anyway, it is the same company. 8/18/2009
2000 10 30 days end of month - Paid 19 days late Payment received: on time (30 euros (minimum job)). (Will work for again: Yes) I think the lateness was due to the fact that they were still in the throes of organizing their then new transllation business. My contact at Seprotec called me (an unusual move for a customer here) to say that my invoice had apparently been misplaced, one department handles Payments for all the Seprotec group companies. I think this is a serious enterprise, one that wants to work effectively and treat its suppliers well. 5/9/2007
1999 10 not sure - Payment received 15.11.04 (see below) Payment received: on time (22.75 euros). (Will work for again: Yes) [Mod. note: Unable to rate due to lack of agreed Payment terms.] Very small job but I had to remind them after about three-four months. I suggested they stick money in an envelope, they replied it is illegal. Because they sent a cheque, I received AUD 38, with AUD 10 being deducted as the standard Australian fee for handling an overseas cheque (it used to be AUD 33, so think about that)! To their credit, they paid very quickly when reminded - seem professional. 1/13/2012

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