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1989 10 30 days - YES, sometimes early even Payment received: yes (ranging from GBP200 to GBP2,300 ). (Will work for again: Yes definitely ) 12/12/2006
1988 10 60 days date of PF invoice - Usually paid in about 45-60 days Payment received: Usually on time, sometimes 3-4 weeks late, sometimes arguments about the invoice that lasted for several weeks (see below) ($1,500 US). (Will work for again: Yes) This is a large worldwide agency. They are good to work with. I have found their Payment term is close to 60 day. There was a mess up on one Payment, but they quickly rectified it and went to great trouble to make sure everything was right. No problem working with them if you accept their Payment lead time. They also have an office in Sheffield. 7/14/2009
1987 10 30 days upon receipt - yes Payment received: Yes (several thousand euro ). (Will work for again: Yes ) They run Payments on the 15th and on the 30th of the month, therefore depending on the issuing date, the Payment might be slightly late or slightly early, but no doubt it always arrives. Excellent company to work with. 8/9/2008

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