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1980 10 If invoice is received on the 16th of the month Payment is rendered at the end of month - Once late Payment received: No. More than one reminder was necessary, and eventually the Payment was received after over 20 days of delay. (several thousands of dollars). (Will work for again: I am working for it at the moment) It is a little tricky to subtitle but there is a learning curve and eventually it will get easier. 6/29/2010
1979 10 30 days - YES Payment received: No they paid within the agreed time. (Hundreds of Euros). (Will work for again: YES) 7/6/2006
1978 10 30 days eom - YES Payment received: YES (Hundreds of Euros ). (Will work for again: YES) 2/21/2008
1977 10 30 days end of month - always Payment received: yes (around 2000 euros). (Will work for again: still working) very interesting projects, nice and friendly pms 4/13/2007

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