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204 10 n/a - n/a Payment received: on time (n/a). (Will work for again: n/a) [Mod. note: Given the nature of this direct knowledge, I'm allowing this as an exception to the policy of not posting responses from former or present employees. TRW] I have had first hand dealings with the agency as an employee there. When I say that at that time it was company policy to pay freelancers when nothing else allows for yet another delay (because of court action pending or any other reason), it is because I have sat in the meeting room with all the language managers of the company and Peter Nash, the Managing Director, listening to his speech about how freelancers take the heat to sponge up alpha cash flow problems. I have seen printed emails from Chinese agencies begging to be paid on 2-year old invoices so that they could close their accounts for the year concerned, I have helped French freelancers go to court for unpaid invoices 3 months old. The fact is, unless the freelancer was threatening action, they were not paid until cash came in, and sometimes not even in s 9/19/2010
203 10 net 30 days - No, 2 months late Payment received: See comments (403 Euros ). (Will work for again: Don't know) I did 3 jobs for them in 2002, the PMs are really nice and helpful. But Payment was received about 2 months late for each invoice (after several reminders). So, I stopped working for them. I was asked to help with a large project this spring, so I thought I'd give it another try. But same thing, nice PM, but slow Payment. I am still waiting for it. I am sure I will get paid but it takes just too long. This is a bit frustrating because the jobs are interesting and the PMs are nice. 5/27/2011
202 10 NET 30 - No, a couple of weeks late Payment received: Yes (EUR 100's.). (Will work for again: Probably.) 11/21/2010

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