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1968 7 15th of each month for work turned in by the 15th day of the previous month - Always on time! Payment received: Yes (Approx. $25,000). (Will work for again: Still am.) Schreiber Transllations is a very professional agency committed to quality transllations. Any concerns, questions, etc. are addressed immediately. The translators are given feedback regarding terminology disputes and are able to explain/defend their choices. Ultimately the end client will accept/decline disputed terminology, but Schreiber Transllations (and Mit Shattuck!) will make every effort to support the translators and provide opportunities to correct mistransllations. Since the majority of the work is medical in nature, accuracy in terminology is critical and there is not a lot of room for consistent terminology errors or misunderstanding of the source text. 8/11/2005
1967 10 45 to 60 days - on time Payment received: Always on time (thousands of USD). (Will work for again: is less likely (please see comments)) This agency has been very very good in its work and people there are professional. However after the recent change in Management, Mit Schattuck has been appointed the new CEO and he spoke to me in a manner which sounded very insulting. He tends to look down upon translators making them feel unwanted [Hearsay info deleted]. All these years I have enjoyed working with Schreiber but ever since Mit has joined the organization I dont feel like working for them. All these years there have been no complaints with my work but Mit's response was terribly disappointing. A few of my texts were proofread in an awkward manner and there were a large number of flaws in the proofread text. I was told that my work was not up to the mark but the proofread text sent to me by Mit sounded clumsy to say the least. My explanations should have been accepted with an open mind but that did not happen. The Payments were made but the treatment given to me was demeaning. Even a 3/25/2009
1966 10 45 days - Has not been received even after 95 days and the amount is rather insignificant. Payment received: NO!!!! (EUR 220). (Will work for again: probably not. ) I found Ute to be quite a louzy woman as far as work was concerned. [Hearsay deleted] She was polite on the phone and even over the email but her responses to Emails are NEVER prompt, which is very annoying. On calling her she responds at times and gives assurances of making the Payment but no Payment has come in. 12/19/2008

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