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work home translation jobs

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1931 10 30 Net - Always on time. Payment received: no (Several thousands in total). (Will work for again: Yes.) Great agency and PMs. 10/15/2008
1930 10 net 30 days (not exactly specified) - YES Payment received: YES (+ the time for checks to arrive by snail mail) (US$1,400). (Will work for again: Definitely) After being contacted by Emily, I worked directly with Tracy Berg, all questions regarding the project were answered promptly, and Payment came on time. This is an excellent agency to work with. 7/24/2011
1929 10 30 days - yes, like a clock Payment received: Payment received within 15 days (several hundred dollars ). (Will work for again: Still do and will continue) 12/1/2006
1928 10 net 30, sometimes before. - Yes, sometimes before. Payment received: Yes (USD 2,500 ). (Will work for again: I still am) Excellent people to work with, responsive, friendly, with a great sense of humor and truly understanding of the difficulties one has while translating. Their software is a little tiring, but it is not too difficult to manage. 8/23/2011
1927 10 didn't discuss, but they paid around 30 days - yes Payment received: on time (a few hundred USD). (Will work for again: yes) I think this company should already be in the PP archives [Mod. Note : Not rated because of the age of the relationship and the lack of exact dates] 1/17/2010

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