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1924 10 30 days end of month - I received it much earlier (August 25th 2004). Payment received: One late Payment (approximately one month late), all other Payments received on time or early. (A couple of hundreds of $). (Will work for again: Without Hesitation) Excellent people to work with. They are very responsive to translator's needs. 4/15/2007
1923 10 90 + 15 end of the month - Yes, except the last that they dind't pay at all without sening the PO Payment received: Always on time. Checks were sent by mail. (1500 ^). (Will work for again: NO) [Mod.note: Request for more info regarding unpaid invoice unanswered.] 10/13/2009
1922 10 very late (90 days by the 10th of the next month) - ALmost always on time Payment received: see below (I work regulary for them). (Will work for again: I still do) 7/6/2012
1921 10 30 days after date - Yes, always Payment received: YES -4807.89. (Will work for again: Certainly, I have been working for them for 13 years.) Good and reliable agency 1/14/2007
1920 10 About 30 days - On time or early Payment received: Immediate usually by paypal (Several thousand pounds). (Will work for again: Definitely ) 11/5/2009

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