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1919 0 30 days eom - Yes Payment received: NO, after 8 months we are still waiting for Payment (GBP many 1000s). (Will work for again: Yes! ) A regular client of mine. Highly recommended: professional, reliable, friendly. 1/25/2008
1918 10 30 days - Yes Payment received: Yes (GBP several thousand ). (Will work for again: Definitely, I have orders in hand for) One invoice (out of over 50) did get overlooked, but Payment was sorted out with no problems. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending RWS. 9/26/2006
1917 0 30 days if received by the 20th of the month - Yes Payment received: yes (No idea but must be well into 5 figures). (Will work for again: Yes ) Though I have not worked with Helen, I have worked with many of the people in RWS. Very nice to work with, though they don't always pass queries to clients straightaway but rather try and sort them out in-house first. Payment used to be until fairly recently end of month but now they have a cutoff date of the 20th of the month so any invoices after date have a bit of a delay. Extremely rarely an invoice is missed but on notification they will respond quickly and offer to pay straight away (and when asked for this has been almost immediate) or include it with the next batch. Go for it. 5/18/2008
1916 10 30 days date of invoice - YES (on the 10th) Payment received: YES usually on time, sometimes slightly late (81,43 euros). (Will work for again: Yes.) 3/19/2007

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