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200 0 30 days end of the month - NO, the first one was paid 2 weeks late and the rest approximately 2 months late!! See comments Payment received: at most a few days late (5,500 euros). (Will work for again: No) [Updated response] I just would like to let you know that the list can also be useful to get paid!! Last week, I sent my comments about my experience with a transllation agency called Alpha and I explained that a small invoice of approx. 48 euros was still due. The day after, I received a mail from the accounting dpt of Alpha saying that this invoice would be paid within 7 days more than one year after!!). I received a cheque this morning with a note saying that they were sending a cheque as the bank commission is too high (so I have to pay a bank commission to get the cheque paid on my account. No comments...). [Original comments] I worked with Alpha UK through a contact I had in Alpha Barcelona (when they just opened the office in 2003). The first invoice was paid 2 weeks late and when I saw that one month after the due Payment date, the other invoices were not paid, I wrote to Alpha UK several times but they didn't reply. I explained the situation to the contact person in Bar 9/6/2007

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