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1909 10 30 days EOM - See below Payment received: YES (GBP 2k-3k). (Will work for again: Not sure) Our relationship has gone up and down, up and down like a yoyo, or as my mother used to say, like an avalanche (my uncle didn't get the joke either ). The first time, they thanked me with tears in their eyes for saving them from a very tight spot and an embarrassing one for them, which indeed I had. Things went well for 2 years or so. Then one of their clients (in 1999, I think), on whose premises I was supposed to work for the day, cancelled the job as soon as I arrived on site and RP blamed me for it (without any justification), and at first refused point blank to pay me anything for the day. After a lot of quite unpleasant arguments and a lot of aggravation they paid me about 80% of my invoice, IIRC. After that there was only 1 job ever, I think, and none now for a very long time. 12/21/2007

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