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1908 10 Can't remember - Invoice sent on 6/6/2 was paid on 7/8/2, one sent on 3/7/2 was paid on 9/9/2 Payment received: no, it was 60 days late (several hundred pounds). (Will work for again: Yes) I don't recall having any problems with this agency 1/3/2010
1907 10 30 days eom - usually on time, but see below Payment received: NEVER paid (GBP many 100s). (Will work for again: maybe) I did many jobs for them, including once saving them from a VERY embarrassing situation. Then one day I went to do a job onsite for a customer of theirs, who was very rude to me (refused to allow me to park in their car-park because I hadn't booked a space...), when I expressed puzzlement at their behaviour, they told me to get out. I phd RP, but there was nobody there except a lowly employee. She told me to stay around, not go home, and try phoning again in a while - she assured me I'd get paid. Later that day, after finally going home, RP's finance director phd me and was very unpleasant, and refused to honour the agreement. In the end I got paid about half, IIRC (this was 5-6 yrs ago). They send me one or two jobs thereafter, but these stopped in 2000 12/29/2007

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