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1904 10 30 days eom - Usually on time, sometimes 3-4 weeks late, sometimes arguments about the invoice that lasted for several weeks (see below) Payment received: ON TIME (GBP 100s). (Will work for again: Possibly) Haven't worked for them for some time. Our commercial relationship fluctuated between cordial, nay hugely grateful on their part (when I saved them on two occasions from a great deal of egg on face, for various reasons), through unpleasant (when my perfectly legit invoice was declined on some fantastical grounds by the finance director, who I think - but am not sure - is the husband of the CEO), and finally cordial one last time when they needed me urgently and the previous issue was finally resolved, albeit with a compromise on my part that I only agreed to because I wanted a quiet life. Never heard from them after that one last occasion. 12/30/2007
1903 10 They usually pay within 60 days. - Always on time Payment received: No, Payment was finally made in November 2002 (). (Will work for again: Yes) My comments about them are totally positive. Working with them is a pleasure. 5/12/2012

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